Montgomery Senior Photographer | Alexis Styled Session

Y'all I am super excited to be sharing with you, Alexis' session! This girl has such a sweet soul. She has a natural radiating beauty about her and I can assure you she is just as gorgeous on the inside! When I asked her what true beauty meant to her, she said "True beauty is not just beauty on the outside, it is also beauty on the inside"... I LOVE THAT! Our society fosters huge confidence issues, and to see young girls understanding what it means to be beautiful, warms my heart! We definitely need more girls in this world with that perspective! Our session started out at a beautiful park in Montgomery and we decided to adventure downtown to the river. It was a busy day in both places, but we made it work. We even got mom to chase some seagulls so we could get the perfect shot with the birds flying in the background! We do what we gotta do for the PERFECT shot! I love all of Alexis' outfit choices, they were so on point and I especially love her blue flowery top. Take a look! 


Montgomery Senior Photographer | Caroline's Styled Session

I was so excited to be blessed to work with Caroline. Her session was so much fun and on a day that was supposed to be gloomy and rainy, it turned into the perfect day for a session. Caroline and I met and discussed outfit changes and it was evident she has more of an edgy style, which I LOVE.. and we ran with it! Through her I was able to offer a different look, to show my clients that it doesn't matter what your style is, we will make it work. You can be you and still look AMAZING! On the session day we traveled to the capital and downtown Montgomery to get a very urban vibe and it turned into a workout/adventure! I love when that happens! We explored some alleyways and staircases and a parking garage. We were not expecting to go on an adventure, but the fact that we did made our session together super fun and interesting. You know, life is an adventure, so why not get a little adventurous now and then! I am so thankful and blessed we were able to work together and not only is Caroline so beautiful on the outside, but she also has the sweetest personality and a heart of gold. I hope to be able to photograph her again someday! So enjoy!

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Montgomery Alabama Senior Photographer | Carsyn's Styled Session

I have always wanted to do a ballerina shoot and let me tell you, we had an adventure! Carsyn is an absolutely stunning young lady, who I have come to know is extremely smart and talented. She is also a black belt in martial arts... I am not even kidding when I say she is extremely talented. This gal is no joke #GOALS!  We scheduled her ballerina shoot day and while it was a beautiful day... We had to reschedule because it became very dark and cold and she was wearing this forever 21 dress that we picked out just for her. While it was beautiful, it was not something you want to wear when it is 40 degrees outside. So we rescheduled to another day and it was so perfect! Take a look at some of Carsyn's images. 


Montgomery Alabama Senior Photographer | 4th of July Styled Summer Shoot

Since we are only a few days away from celebrating the fourth of july, I thought I would post these bad boys to get everyone in the spirit of freedom! I have been so excited to post this session! Brittany my model and her friend Morgan were just the best. Sessions like this take a lot of time to prepare for and shoot day was a loonnngg day for all of us. But you know what that means! It was totally worth it! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and appreciate the freedoms we all are blessed to have this holiday. Wishing you all a happy fourth!

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Montgomery Alabama Senior Photographer | BAILEY | Senior 2017

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Bailey's senior photos! I absolutely loved getting to spend a little time with her and her mom! Bailey incorporated her guitar and her Stevie Nicks albums in to bring a little bit more of her personality into the session and I am so glad she did! There is something about bringing something familiar to a session that really makes your images shine and being comfortable in your session is a huge part of the experience I like to offer.  After collaborating for about a month on the style, I know it definitely paid off! I mean... look at her GORGEOUS images!  Bailey is so beautiful on the outside but she is absolutely stunning on the inside and she is going to accomplish many great things! Take a look at her beautiful images!



Montgomery Alabama Senior Photographer| Bobbi | Rodeo Queen

I had the pleasure of taking Bobbi's rodeo queen pictures. She looked absolutely stunning in her sequined top! All the bling going on made her shine! I absolutely loved getting the chance to capture this special time for her. Take a look at this beauty! 


Holtville, Alabama Senior photographer
Holtville, Alabama Senior Photographer
Holtville, Alabama Senior Photographer
Holtville, Alabama Senior Photographer
Holtville, Alabama Senior Photographer
Holtville, Alabama Senior Photographer